In the dimly lit corners of a vibrant festival, a curious security guard discovers jars filled with tiny screaming figures in Daisy's bag.

Look, it’s not that big of a deal. There are pickpockets at every festival so we took matters into our own hands, Daisy explains.

The security guard exclaimsBut how did you...

Everyone looks at Wiz 👀


Patent pending

Your friendly neighborhood
alchemist; has the ability
to cast enchanting spells.

Keep your eyes off Daisy

Not just enchanting; she's a
force of nature, blending
ecstasy and vigilance.

Don’t look inside her purse

Designed to be used.

The Steel Woven Line is a comfortable 30" in length and if made to resist any attempted cuts.

Our Brand New Character Universal Anchor is compatible with all phones and cases, stick the 3M directly onto your phone for the most secure fit.

The Locking Carabiner allows you to safely attach the ClutchLoop to any part of your body, pants or backpack.

MidnightDayTripClutchLoop in BlackUniversal Anchors V4ClutchLoop Panda



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