We collaborated with 4 amazing artists to create their take on 'Go Somewhere You've Never Been'

$5 from every unit sold goes back to the artist
Artist Drop 2.0
Artist Drop 2.0
Artist Drop 2.0
Artist Drop 2.0
Artist Drop 2.0
Artist Drop 2.0
Artist Drop 2.0

Artist Drop 2.0

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We opened up the design gates to all of you! $5 from every ClutchLoop sold goes back to the artist. 
Never miss a beat at the festival with the original ClutchLoop, your perfect rave accessory. This anti-theft phone strap ensures that your phone stays safe while you immerse yourself in the music and dance. But its use goes beyond festivals and travel essentials; it's a versatile tether that adds an extra layer of security in any situation.

How to use your ClutchLoop

1. Place the UNIVERSAL ANCHOR inside your phone case or stick it directly to your phone.
2. Clip the steel retractable line to your jeans, purse, fanny pack, backpack...
3. Clutch your phone and you are ready to enjoy the moment


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Emily Graval

Hi, my name is Emily, I'm a multimedia artist with a focus on illustration, photography, and 3D modeling/motion graphics. Music, among other things, has always been an inspiration for my art and I hope to share more of it with the EDM community.

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Javier Fernandez

Javier "TOR2GA" Fernandez is a Texas born artist, dj, and entrepreneur. He takes inspiration from his years of travel and music. Music is his ultimate muse. Being raised on the road, he had a lot of time to dive into various genres of music that helped mold him into the artist he is today. His graphic design background started in high school, where Yearbook introduced him to Adobe. He now uses a combination of images, edits, and many other mediums to bring together vibrant pieces of art. His most well known mediums are custom merch, graphics, pins, patches and pendants.

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I’m MikaMiba, a multidisciplinary graphic designer, content creator, raver, and livestreamer based out of NYC. I work with fellow creators, brands, and artists to elevate their digital presence and design eye-catching and impactful visual identities, graphics, and merch.

I’m dedicated to fostering a community of like-minded people passionate about exploring creative curiosity in all forms! I’ve been listening to EDM for as long as I can remember, and in the last 5 years I’ve embraced the rave scene and finally found my home.

I’m so excited to be collaborating with ClutchLoop to share my work with you all, and I hope to dive further into the EDM and festival scene as a graphic designer and content creator in the coming months!

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Bear Gelfling

Bear (they/them) is a psychedelic artist in PA that fuses vibrant colors and fun glitchy patterns to create funky, cosmic artworks. Blending traditional and digital mediums, Bear's creations invite viewers into their rainbow world full of uncharted territories and unknown creatures . Bear's inspirations are Oliver Hibert, Brian Froud and Jim Henson.

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Our Universal Anchor is compatible with almost all phones and cases, stick the 3M directly onto your phone for the most secure fit.

The Steel Woven Line is a comfortable 30" in length and if made to resist any attempted cuts.

The Redesigned Clip and Locking Carabiner allows you to safely attach the ClutchLoop to any part of you.

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