ClutchLoop Artist Drop 2024: Go somewhere you've never been

ClutchLoop Artist Drop 2024: Go somewhere you've never been

Calling all festival fam, adventurers, and EDM enthusiasts! We are back with an Artist Drop 2.0, this time collaborating with four incredible artists .

Last year we introduced our first Artist Drop, collaborating with talented creators to bring unique designs. After the overwhelming support from our fans, we are back for Artist Drop 2024.

This year’s theme is “Go somewhere you’ve never been”, encouraging both our ClutchLoop family and artists to explore new territories. We’ve teamed up with four exceptional artists, each bringing their own style and perspective to this festival essential.

Meet the Artists Behind the Drop:

  • Javier Fernandez: Texas born artist, dj, and entrepreneur. He takes inspiration from his years of travel and music. Music is his ultimate muse.
  • MikaMiba: A multidisciplinary graphic designer, content creator, raver, and livestreamer based out of NYC. "I’ve been listening to EDM for as long as I can remember, and in the last 5 years I’ve embraced the rave scene and finally found my home."
  • Bear Gelfling Bear (they/them) is a psychedelic artist in PA that fuses vibrant colors and fun glitchy patterns to create funky, cosmic artworks. Bear's inspirations are Oliver Hibert, Brian Froud and Jim Henson.
  • Emily Graval: A multimedia artist with a focus on illustration, photography, and 3D modeling/motion graphics. "Music, among other things, has always been an inspiration for my art and I hope to share more of it with the EDM community."

More Than Just Style: Supporting the Art Community

We believe in the power of connection and artistic expression. That's why $5 from every Artist Drop 2.0 unit sold goes directly back to the creating artist.

If you are looking for unique rave essentials or the perfect phone tether for your next adventure, Look no further than the ClutchLoop Artist Drop 2.0.

Rep your love for exploration, support incredible artists, and keep your phone safe with these limited-edition designs.