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Arron Ben

My phone was stolen from my zipped-up fanny pack at a music festival in 2021 by a group of professional thieves who also targeted 100+ people that same day. I was appalled to learn that there was no proper solution in the market, leading me to create ClutchLoop.
Previously, I attended the University of Florida for marketing and operated two separate startups in digital marketing and event planning. These experiences and partnering up with Jose have been critical to the company's product and brand success.
We have huge ambitions for this upcoming year, I'm excited for you all to see 🤙🏽

Jose Lecaro

My name is Jose, I was born and raised in Ecuador. As a young kid I fantasised about going on adventures around the world and meeting badass people. I'm a big fan of bars with pool tables and a well crafted burrito. My toxic trait is that I constantly feel like the group I’m with is the most fun squad in the place regardless of where we at.

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