"I refuse to go on any outdoor adventure or travel without my ClutchLoop. I used it on my hiking trip to Patagonia, clipped directly onto my GenZ Waterpack, and didn't have to worry about my phone. Not to mention it was always ready for every shot."


"After wearing a ClutchLoop all of Lost Lands, I can safely say it’s legit and gave me so much peace of mind during the fest!"



My experience was great! I usually keep my phone in my hand since I am nervous about it getting stolen but with this product I was able to clip it to my bag and keep it inside with no worries :)

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from $25.00 how exactly does this work?

30 inches in length, made to resist any attempted cuts, pulls and drops.

Compatible with all phones and most cases, stick the 3M directly onto your phone for the most secure fit.

Safely attach your ClutchLoop to your pants, backpack, wristband and more.