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Stay in the loop

We have all misplaced or dropped our phones before. Not to mention the times we flat our lost it (or got it stolen). Stay in the loop while attached to your ClutchLoop.

Plug & Play

ClutchLoop works with all phones and most cases. You can even use it while charging your phone.

ClutchLoop works with all phones and most cases.
If you have a minimum protection case we encourage sticking the anchor to the back of your phone.

Our Woven Steel Line has a protective layer that stops almost all cut attempts. You'll feel the pull way before they can cut through.

If you experience any issues with your ClutchLoop we will replace it for you immediately. If you happen to not like it, we will happily refund you and find it a new home!




Fast Shipping

2 - 7 days in the US and Europe.
7 - 21 day shipping to the rest of the world!

Full Warranty

If you have any issues with your ClutchLoop not working properly we will gladly send you a new one.

Need Assistance?

You can message our chatbot with any questions and someone will be connected to you shortly, during work hours.
Also check out our FAQ's.