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For the lovers of night raves, the Midnight ClutchLoop offers a sleek, blacked-out design to match your mood. This anti-theft phone accessory is a must-have in your festival essentials, providing reliable security when you need it most.

How to use your ClutchLoop

1. Place the UNIVERSAL ANCHOR inside your phone case or stick it directly to your phone.
2. Clip the steel retractable line to your jeans, purse, fanny pack, backpack...
3. Clutch your phone and you are ready to enjoy the moment


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We are built different.

The Steel Woven Line is a comfortable 30" in length and if made to resist any attempted cuts.

Our Universal Anchor is compatible with all phones and cases, stick the 3M directly onto your phone for the most secure fit.

The Locking Carabiner allows you to safely attach the ClutchLoop to any part of you.

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