How to Install and Use Your ClutchLoop for Extra Security

How to Install and Use Your ClutchLoop for Extra Security

Here's a quick guide on how to install and use your ClutchLoop:



Step 1: Remove your phone case

Step 2: Remove the 3m anchor paper and stick it directly to your phone

  • Make sure it sticks out of your charging port
  • Pickpockets are aware of phone loops like the ClutchLoop. To minimize the risk of thef, make sure you use a sturdy phone case that's difficult to remove with one hand. A flimsy case might not provide enough protection for the anchor.

Step 3: Put your case back on

Step 4: Connect the mini carabiner to the anchor's hook

Step 5: Attach the large carabiner to your pants, fannypack, purse or backpack (wherever you find it more useful :)



How to properly use the ClutchLoop:

  • Never use a ClutchLoop without a phone case. The anchor's adhesive mi
    ght not be strong enough to secure your phone from pickpockets.
  • Avoid letting your phone dangle freely from the ClutchLoop. Keep it secured in a pocket or bag whenever possible.
  • Place your phone in a mesh like the ones that GenZ hydration backpacks have or inside your purse or fanny pack. These compartments offer easy access while keeping your phone safe.


And that's it! With your ClutchLoop properly installed and used, you can enjoy the convenience of having your phone readily available without worrying about losing it.