CONTEXT: Spain is currently filled with pickpockets that prey on peoples mor important belongings. They act in groups or how spaniards call them. “Clans”

The bad guys

The clans have different origins. Some are from Armenia, some are from Chile, some are spaniards themselves. Different clans pose different levels of aggression. Some of them will have short blades they will use to retaliate in case they get caught. 

They attack normally in packs of 2 or more. They can dress and look like your average folk going to their 9 to 5 job at the bank. Here’s an example. Link

Their favorite places to steal in Spain are: The metro wagons, the metro stations and touristic streets and plazas like the ramblas in Barcelona.

The Rebelion

It’s not common for police officers to catch this crimes. They happen so quickly and in such a discrete manner through sleight of hand that in order to catch them they would have to conduct an active search. This is not currentlyy happening with police officers

This has made the pickpockets get away with it for a long time now. Think about it, million of dollars in phones and purses stolen from thousands of spaniards and tourist from all over the world. They’ve had enough of it.

A movement was born. PatrullaBCN. This movement lead by Eliana recruits and interviews fed up citizens that want to do what the police hasn’t been able to. Stop this crooks

How do they do it? Through a WhatsApp link you can apply get interviewed and recruited. After this they’ll go on search parties through the metro lines and spots were this pickpockets clans execute this burglaries. A “veteran” will ride with them and show them the steps once they catch em. This are: yell, corner, stall, and delegate to the police.

The Eyes underground

Guillem is a Barcelona citizen that has roamed the world with his camera documenting the most dire situations in countries like Colombia, Argentina and Spain. A true risk-taker. He was recently contacted by Eliana to report the situation Barcelona and other cities in Spain are going through. Shedding light into who this people are, how they operate and how we can stop them

The weapon

I found Guillem through social media and immediately Direct Messaged him. I explained the mission of ClutchLoop is to do just this. Help people protect their most import belongings and been able to ride the metro, visit a touristic attraction or any other crowded area with the peace of mind that your phone will stay with you.

We believe we can use ClutchLoops as a way to stop this pickpockets. Eventually one of them will not realize the device is attached to the phone, yanking it will alert the victim and the crooks will have to run.

You can use the discount code called “BCNapiedecalle” for 10% off