The Best Rave Hydration Pack

The Best Rave Hydration Pack

A Rave Hydration pack is now a staple in the event space. You’re ready to go to your next rave, festival or whatever type of event that gets your blood flowing, you know that there’s a couple of essential items that you need to take. An anti-theft Rave hydration pack is undoubtedly #1. Your rave mom has told you about this a couple of times. You can not not hydrate for obvious reasons

We are here to tell you we have tested several and we found the one Rave Hydration Pack to rule them all. The RaveRunner® Anti-Theft Hydration Pack by GenZ Outdoor.


We are basing our decision on three categories:

1.- Sturdiness: ability to sustain damage throughout you raging your tits off

2.- Customization: ability to add extra layers to the pack to make it cooler or more useful

3.- Storage compartments and technology

Mind you, we’ve taken different types of hydration packs to many events (for pure market research purposes of course) and tested them onsite. They all took some damage. But the RaveRunner rave camleback withstood the beating it went through in the mosh pit.

Picture of person wearing hydration pack at a festival

The way we realized that The RaveRunner Anti- Theft Hydration Pack is the most sturdy was through testing the main component that the bag is made out of. It’s slash-proof ripstop nylon. In an nutshell, it can take a beating and it won’t rip leaving your stuff unprotected. The nylon also doesn’t chafe when you try to damage it.

We thought it’s very important to mention that you can customize your hydration pack on their website bye adding glowing lights both in the bottom and in the back. They also have very original models like “radiant monarch” and “delightful slime’ and it’s kinda sick you can print your own custom picture on the pack. 

The final honorable mention about this pack is that it had many loops and clips to hang a phone tether off of. This gave me the ability to add my ClutchLoop to my backpack, knowing that it wouldn't detach.

Picture of The RaveRunner Anti- Theft Hydration Pack with a meme on it

Putting your stuff in the right places is key to not losing track of your valuables. This hydration pack has a little pocket on the side of the strap for your phone and the storage compartments on the back and on the inside make it pretty easy to organize your stuff. If you look close enough, you'll also find some hidden pockets to keep items extra safe. It also holds 2 liters of water which we consider the perfect amount of water needed for the type of EDM shows we went to. 

In terms of technology there’s an option on the website to add a solar battery and charge your phone inside the bag while you're having fun with it. This came in clutch when we needed to call an uber home at the end of a 3-day weekend. Everyone's phone was dead, but my solar charger was affixed to the hydration pack, cookin' up charge all day long.

Picture of The RaveRunner Anti- Theft Hydration Pack with solar charger and a ClutchLoop

Bottom line is there’s lot of types of Rave Hydration packs, but we think the best one is the one that makes your life simpler in other ways aside from holding water for you. That is why we, and many other rave hydration pack ratings, chose the RaveRunner Anti Theft Rave Bag as our #1 choice in the festival scene.